GoGoLashes Volume Eyelash Extensions

Complete Volume Lashes with advanced eyelash technology

5D PreMade Volume Eyelash Extensions

GoGoLashes are premium quality, synthetic eyelash extensions. Our Heat Bonded Premade Volume Lashes also known as 2D, 3D , 4D, 5D or Russian Volume Lashes and Faux Mink Classic Lashes are made of highest quality PBT South-Korean Fiber, they are easy to wear, soft, very light and resistant.

GoGoLashes mission is constant product development so we can provide lash technicians with products they can trust and their customers look and feel amazing. We guarantee that you and your clients will fall in love instantly with our natural looking and ultra lightweight lash extensions!

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Best Professional Synthetic Eyelash Extensions


Taking pride in offering soft, very light and resistant eyelash extensions to the beauty industry, our products mimic natural lashes all while providing volume and being the most comfortable wear. For us, customers stand first. Since our inception, quality has been a top priority and our dedication to keep the standards high has helped the brand with many loyal customers. Our False Mink Eyelash Extensions are luxurious, super light and soft. High quality and affordable prices are synonymous to our synthetic eyelash extensions.

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Safe, Sustainable And Cruelty Free Synthetic Mink Eyelashes

synthetic eyelash extensionsEnhancing your eye feature and effortless beauty, no one can underestimate the magic of beautiful voluminous eyelashes. From varied styles including classic eyelash extensions, adhesive free premade volume eyelash extensions and premade rootless wide fans to various material entailing mink and synthetic – the world of eyelashes is bigger than you can imagine!

Comfortable and lightweight – these lashes are completely handcrafted and are available in varied ranges and styles. Especially created to be safe and soft, the synthetic mink lashes by GoGoLashes are made by the highest quality faux mink which gives it a luxurious style yet a natural finish.

Go Safe! Go Synthetic !
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