Safe, Sustainable And Synthetic Mink Eyelashes

Safe, Sustainable And Synthetic Mink Eyelashes

Safe, Sustainable And Synthetic Mink Eyelashes !

Safe, Sustainable And Synthetic Mink Eyelashes ! Enhancing your eye feature and effortless beauty, no one can underestimate the magic of beautiful voluminous eyelashes. From varied styles including classic eyelash extensions, premade volume fans and rootless volume lashes to various material entailing mink and synthetic – the world of eyelashes is bigger than you can imagine!

Among all, mink eyelashes are gaining much popularity due to the fine look that they have to offer. But, the question arises, is it really worth exploiting minks for their naturally shiny, luxurious fur? Is it really worth extincting these mammals from North America?

The answer is simple NO! Period.

Before exploring the alternative of mink eyelashes, let’s understand what all this fuss is about!


Minks are small mammals native to North America and Europe and mink eyelashes are made from real mink fur. But, why mink?

Well, though it’s not new but minks have been highly-valued and exploited for their naturally shiny, luxurious fur for centuries. And, now the lashes industry cruelly harms minks for their fur and creates light, soft, fluffy, and natural-looking fake eyelashes.


From keeping them confined in extremely unsanitary conditions to cutting fur and causing intense fear – fur farming causes extreme suffering to the animal. PETA says there’s no way to harvest the fur of minks in a way that does not involve causing some harm or stress to the animal. Not just animal welfare organisations, countries like the UK entirely banned fur farming.

Buying a set of mink lashes shows your support to animal cruelty and psychological hardships. Unfortunately, many brands advertise mink lashes as ethical, but don’t let them fool you that these lashes aren’t cruelty-free!

But, no more!

Understanding the depth of the situation, the beauty industry is exploring alternatives to avoid mink eyelashes altogether. These fake eyelashes are made from materials that are 100% ethical and cruelty-free. They look and feel just as good as mink lashes and give the peace of mind that no animal has suffered in the process.


Known for cruelty free and synthetic mink eyelashes, GoGoLashes’ faux mink lashes are made with synthetic fibers that mimic the feel of “mink” but without cruelty and uncomfort.

Comfortable, reusable, and lightweight – these lashes are completely handcrafted and are available in varied ranges and styles. Especially created to be safe and soft, the synthetic mink lashes by GoGoLashes are made by the highest quality faux mink which gives it a luxurious style yet a natural finish.

Keeping it cruelty-free and ethical !

Keeping it cruelty-free and ethical, it’s time to say no to mink, with these GoGoLashes synthetic mink eyelashes. Not just it. It also offers an impressive range from natural, volume and dramatic lashes!

We don’t believe that any beauty product is worth animal cruelty when synthetic eyelashes can make you stand out in the crowd. GoGoLashes synthetic mink lashes prove that beauty doesn’t have to be cruel.

Go safe! Go synthetic!

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