Safe, Sustainable And Synthetic Mink Eyelashes

Cruelty Free and Synthetic Mink Eyelashes

Enhancing your eye feature and effortless beauty, no one can underestimate the magic of beautiful voluminous eyelashes. From varied styles including classic eyelash extensions, premade volume fans and rootless volume lashes to various material entailing mink and synthetic – the world of eyelashes is bigger than you can imagine!

Among all, mink eyelashes are gaining much popularity due to the fine look that they have to offer. But, the question arises, is it really worth exploiting minks for their naturally shiny, luxurious fur? Is it really worth extincting these mammals from North America?

The answer is simple NO! Period.

Before exploring the alternative of mink eyelashes, let’s understand what all this fuss is about!


Minks are small mammals native to North America and Europe and mink eyelashes are made from real mink fur. But, why mink?

Well, though it’s not new but minks have been highly-valued and exploited for their naturally shiny, luxurious fur for centuries. And, now the lashes industry cruelly harms minks for their fur and creates light, soft, fluffy, and natural-looking fake eyelashes.


From keeping them confined in extremely unsanitary conditions to cutting fur and causing intense fear – fur farming causes extreme suffering to the animal. PETA says there’s no way to harvest the fur of minks in a way that does not involve causing some harm or stress to the animal. Not just animal welfare organisations, countries like the UK entirely banned fur farming.

Buying a set of mink lashes shows your support to animal cruelty and psychological hardships. Unfortunately, many brands advertise mink lashes as ethical, but don’t let them fool you that these lashes aren’t cruelty-free!

But, no more!

Understanding the depth of the situation, the beauty industry is exploring alternatives to avoid mink eyelashes altogether. These fake eyelashes are made from materials that are 100% ethical and cruelty-free. They look and feel just as good as mink lashes and give the peace of mind that no animal has suffered in the process.


Known for cruelty free and synthetic mink eyelashes, GoGoLashes’ faux mink lashes are made with synthetic fibers that mimic the feel of “mink” but without cruelty and uncomfort.

Comfortable, reusable, and lightweight – these lashes are completely handcrafted and are available in varied ranges and styles. Especially created to be safe and soft, the synthetic mink lashes by GoGoLashes are made by the highest quality faux mink which gives it a luxurious style yet a natural finish.

Keeping it cruelty-free and ethical, it’s time to say no to mink, with these GoGoLashes synthetic mink eyelashes. Not just it. It also offers an impressive range from natural, volume and dramatic lashes!

We don’t believe that any beauty product is worth animal cruelty when synthetic eyelashes can make you stand out in the crowd. GoGoLashes synthetic mink lashes prove that beauty doesn’t have to be cruel.

Go safe! Go synthetic!

How To Take Care Of The Eyelash Extension Adhesive ?

best eyelash adhesive

Eyelash adhesives or glues have the power to perfectly hold the beautiful eyelash extension to your natural lashes. This sounds pretty simple. But, it’s not! Some days your adhesive does not react the same way it did the other time. Sometimes it helps you slay that eyelash extension but the other time, it ruins the whole eyelash extension excitement. Ever wondered the reason? Sometimes weather plays its role and other times the technique.

Though it’s a tricky topic, we have covered a few tips and tricks to help you how to take care of the eyelash extension adhesive in a proper way.


Many factors affect lash extension glue but you can avoid that if you have good knowledge about the lashes and adhesives. Through these points, find out how you can take care of your eyelash extension adhesive.


The adhesive works the best when all the components of the adhesive are combined well together. If you do not use adhesive for a few days, the components separate quickly. So, remember to give it a vigorous shake before using it.

Now, test! If the first few drops look dodgy that means you need to shake harder the adhesive. Also, don’t forget to give it another lighter shake before each drop.


Ever wondered the reason behind the ruined eyelash when you have used the same adhesive to slay the look a few days ago?

Never underestimate what the weather and temperature of your room can do to your eyelash extension glue. Low humidity makes the adhesive take a longer time to dry. While, if the humidity is higher than the adhesive dries too quickly. In both situations, it will not allow your natural lash to bond correctly with the extension.

So, the question arises – how to resolve this?

There are a few tricks used by professional eyelash technicians to balance the humidity in the room or of the adhesive. You can invest in a dehumidifier or have different adhesives with different humidity levels or just simply, pick up more glue so, by the time you bond your natural lash to extension, it doesn’t dry out fast.


To keep it in the best condition, the most favorable trick is to keep it cool and dry and protect it from temperature fluctuations and humidity. Keep it upright in a vacuumed sealed box or in your pouch along with a silica gel bag.

These were the do’s but there are also some don’ts that you need to follow :

  • Don’t leave it next to a heater or window.
  • Don’t keep it in the fridge, it’s a big no-no.
  • Don’t use old and discarded adhesives.
  • Don’t stock many adhesives of the same type as that will only lead to monetary loss.


The best way to make the most of your adhesive is to study it. Research well and know about the adhesive and temperatures. Shake it, adapt, store it right, and experiment with different adhesives to find the best one that works for you.

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What are Pre-Made Eyelash Extensions ?

With a booming beauty industry, many women and younger girls are inspired to experiment with their looks. Therefore to order highlight their eyes in the face and more and more women are wearing eyelash extensions. With increasing craze, the lash industry offers several options to the consumers and the talk-of-the-town are the premade fan lashes. These premium quality and top rated synthetic lashes are stealing the shows by providing a perfect look to the eyes.


Premade lash fans are the lashes built by the experts in advance and are ready-to-place on the natural lash. These lash fans are made by attaching multiple lashes to one single eyelash.

The premium quality premade fan lashes are very light in nature and don’t damage the natural eyelash which makes it to the top list of many beauty aficionados who have busy schedules and who cannot afford to lay down long hours for a full set of Russian Volume.


Using the difficult and frustrating volume technique for eyelash extensions is no more trending. Rather, connoisseurs of the beauty industry are using premade fan lashes which are easier to apply and don’t harm natural lashes.

Premade fan eyelashes are safe for the eyes because they are softer and fluffier than the other options.


High quality premade fans are very light, soft, resistant and easy to wear and they allow experts to provide their client with a fuller look. Choosing from a wide variety of premade fan eyelashes is still a customer’s choice. Depending on what look client is looking for.

There are generally two types of premade fans :


Short stem fans generally have a shorter stem or base and wider fan. With a subtle yet fluffier look, these lashes give a soft vibe to the overall appearance and have a close resemblance to a hand made fan. Short stem fans are the go-to option for a customer who is looking for a more natural and light look.


Whereas, long stem fans feature a long, thin, heat bonded base. Easy to apply and safe for the eyes and natural lashes, the long stem lashes are voluminous and give an effect of bold eyeliner. Most preferred for dramatic and dense looks, these lashes take half the time compared to the handmade lashes and hence, are the most preferred fans.

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Allergic Reactions To Eyelash Adhesives

It’s not common but there are times when you are allergic to the eyelash adhesives. Or it is possible that you have not used it properly? Also, sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between a normal eye-irritation and an allergic reaction to the eyelash adhesive.

So, what should one do in this situation instead of panicking? Simply, Don’t panic and follow 3 step treatment…


Below are the few points that will help you in case you are facing an allergic reaction due to eyelash adhesives



It is an eye irritation caused due to allergy to eyelash extension glue during the improper lash application or by eye pads or lash tools.

The symptoms of eyelash extension glue allergy include :

Stingy and watery eyes
Runny nose or blocked nose
Sore throat
Swelling, itching eyelids


The symptoms for eye irritation and eyelash extension adhesive allergy may look similar at once. And, though it is hard to judge, you can tell the difference by noticing how long the symptoms last.


Put whatever cold compressed things such as cold packs at the infected area which will help you reduce discomfort.

At such times, do not panic.
It is preferable to remove the lash extensions straight away after you experience the allergy.

During these stressful situations, ask for the best advice from the professional doctors, if the severe symptoms stay for more than 24 hours.



One of the leading causes of glue allergy that you may overlook is your health conditions.

The chances of frequent infections are directly proportional to the weakness of your immunity system.

Therefore, research thoroughly and make sure to use the adhesive in the proper way.


With many options available in the market, to prevent the glue allergy happening, using Anti-Allergy Gel is very effective.

The ingredient Cyanoacrylate which causes irritations is captured in this jelly-like jar before it reaches the eyes and nostrils.


These glues in the market may take more time to dry but they contain less amount of Cyanoacrylate which helps the clients with sensitive eyes or immune systems.


Prevent eyelash extension adhesive allergy with these suggestions :

  • Always perform a patch test before using the eyelash glue and extension.
  • Research thoroughly. Not just about the product but also about your health and immune system.
  • Not too close neither too far – place eye pads correctly.
  • Use sensitive glue and anti-Allergy Gel.

Please remember !

Your safety should be your utmost priority. Take professionals help and ensure that you are well-informed and researched.

This would help you enjoy the fake eyelashes like a pro at every dinner date or bowling squad !

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Eyelash Trends For 2020

Bored by the masked look?
What about giving your eyelashes a makeover?
A popular style is catching up fast with these 2020 eyelash extension trends. You can trust your eyes to do all the talking !

Textures to contour your attitude

Volume eyelash extensions is the call and you can trust your state-of-the-art eye studios to grant you that promising look. From that mixed curly look to the long or that heavy style, you can attain eyelashes of your choice anytime.

The feathery texture is in, and you can’t miss it. It doesn’t matter whether you use the made-crafted lash extensions or the pre-made ones. It’s all about making your eyes look chic with the recent eyelash trend.

Just pick one that suits your mood and flaunt it with your eye-catching expressions!

What’s hot and trending?

If you were to ask that question, well then, the answer is classic spiked sets. Yes, these have become very popular. Rendering that bold and fashionable look, spiked fans add on that wow factor.

Use the flat lashes for a bolder look. If you’re looking for some more texture and density, simply mix this with volume fans. Stack the lashes for a fuller look on the spikes without having to use volume lashes. Just attach a finer and shorter lash at an angle at the base of your lashes, and there you call rock it like a diva!
A shorter lash measuring anywhere between 0.07 or 0.10 is ideal for this look.

How to get the perfect spiked look?

You can use the short lash measuring 0.07 or 0.10 mm to start with. Just divide it into two, place one, and mirror the other side with the fan. On the longest lashes, you can stack them in a way that the lashes face each other. Next, simply work outwards from that point. You can try a slightly longer eyelash than the one you stack. Alternatively, reduce the length and weight. Just make sure to attach it further up on the lash.

Fan of the voluminous look? Flutter your lashes in joy! The premade volume eyelashes aren’t going to head out of trend anytime soon. These don’t take long to be fitted and thus are a time-saver for the stylist as well. Relatively less expensive than the handmade lash extensions, premade volume fans can be placed as fast as the classic lashes. So, if you’re in a hurry, your stylist should be able to define the look you are seeking at a reasonable price.

Some essential Eyelash tips 

Looking for different sizes? You can pick from an extensive assortment of premade volume eyelash extensions that ranges from 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, etc. Just ensure that every lash is worked upon so that you don’t land up with any sticking element left behind on your lashes.

Don’t forget to check the weight of the fan as very heavy extensions can damage your natural eyelashes. Pick the premade lashes that are designed to leave the strip smoothly. The ones made of high grade PBT fiber can hold the curls well in place, adding longevity to the lash.

Make sure that you apply appropriate pressure onto the natural lash when transferring the fan. Extensions can be applied to the top lash, lower lash, or just on the sides. You can use a tweezer smoothen out any excess glue, if any. Don’t forget to allow it the drying time.

And there, you are ready to shine like the glamorous dive you are !

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Classic Eyelash Extensions Vs Premade Fans

Are you confused with the myriad styles and textures of eyelash extensions? This guide can help you make a comprehensive choice.

Whether it is the pre-made fan or the classic lashes, both can make your eyes stand out. However, it’s best to pick a style and texture that goes well with your natural lashes.

To Pre-Made or Not To Pre-Made?

If you are fond of the cluster look, premade eyelash extensions can be a befitting choice. These are usually lighter and finer at the base. Pre-made lashes can be either glue bonded or heat bonded.

In any case, it is a time saver for stylists and cost the client lesser as compared to the classic fans. If you want a voluminous look, you can always ask your stylist to blend the hand and pre-made fans for a unique look.

The heat bonded premade eyelash extensions is comparatively a better option to consider than its glue-bonded counterpart as the latter adds extra weight to the natural lashes owing to the additional adhesive required to secure these to the client’s lashes. So, if you don’t want that bumpy eye-look, preferably go for the heat-bonded premade fan.

If you want to keep it unpretentious, the classic lashes would be a better choice.

Like it Elegant? Choose the Classy Look 

Classic eyelashes personify the natural look where one synthetic lash is used for one natural lash. The natural lash: eyelash extension ratio is 1:1 here while when using a premade eyelash extension, you can choose from a ratio of 1:2, 1:3, and 1:5, and so on. Thus, in premade lashes, the 2D, 3D, 5D, etc. express the number of lashes you can find in each fan.

It’s a time-consuming process, yet this style continues to be a favored one in the market. So, practically this will look as full as the number of natural lashes on your eyelids. This is best suited for clients who want a natural appearance.

If you are gifted with lots of natural lashes, a classic eyelash extension set can render it the same feel akin to that of a volume set.

Classic Lashes vs. Premade Fans

Classic eyelash extensions come in a range of materials and styles. Typically, these are designed with a thickness that ranges from 1-1.5mm. You can always discuss it with your stylist to grab the look you wish to achieve. Premade fans, on the other hand, offer a thickness that ranges between 0.03, 0.05 mm, 0.06 mm, 0.07 mm, 0.085 mm and 0.10 mm.

Mastering the 1:1 (Volume) technique is time-consuming, difficult, and can be very frustrating but as a result using , using 2D 5D Lashes will be a breeze.

Are you ready to choose an easy breezy method to spark energy into your eyes again?

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What is a classic set of eyelash extensions?

Wish to enhance the beauty of your eyes? Well, as they say, eyes have the power to communicate more than words do. What could be better than highlighting them with the classic eyelash extensions? This can add volume to your natural lashes.

You can don that perfect eye makeup just with these eyelash extensions. We’ve covered all that you need to know before trying out that this classic look.

The Technique to Wear Eyelashes Perfectly

If done improperly, you can land up with a ruined look. So, it’s important to known what goes a little about the technique that’s applied. The typical technique used in eyelash extensions is done lash by lash.

Not just for a party, it’s possible to fit the classic lashes into your everyday look. You can always book an appointment with your eyelash expert studio to discuss the type of eyelash that would suit your preference.

You can choose from the synthetic lashes, Siberian mink fur lashes, or silk lashes 

  • The silk lashes go well with the daily look, as these are soft and crafted with a slightly glossy appearance. If you are trying an eyelash extension for the first time, the silk classic eyelash extension will good to go with.
  • The faux mink eyelashes, on the other hand, suit those scouting for a finer look and are well-fitted for that occasional wear.
  • If you want to add on a little oomph to your eyes, you can trust the flat lash to do that magic at offers that illusion of fullness.

You can make a choice depending on the thickness and length of extension that you wish to get. Just remember that the length and the thickness of the chosen classic eyelash extension would impact the weight of the extension. Top trendy studios stock classic eyelash extensions that measure anywhere between 7mm and 15mm. And these come in different weights, such as 0.015g, 0.020g, and 0.025g. Some advanced studios might be able to get you that customized length and weight of eyelash extension to meet your require.

The right length and thickness of your classic eyelash extension is significant to the healthy growth of your natural eyelashes.

Selecting the tone of your eyelashes

Whether you want a dramatic look or wish to keep the extensions natural-looking, the condition of your natural lashes will determine the eventual look. If you are scouting for options, let’s tell you that classic eyelash extension curls also come in varied styles, such as the J curl, B curl, C curl, L curl, and the D curl. You always have the choice of combining the length, thickness, and curls that you want to wear on your lashes.

For the dramatic look lovers, the classic volume eyelash extensions make a good choice. These can suit those who have fine lashes as well as they can weigh as light as 0.004g. The 0.025g classic eyelash extensions are recommended mostly for those with very strong and healthy natural eyelashes.

Whether you want a natural, medium, or voluminous look on your eyes, you can get your classic eyelash extensions from the best studios to step out with elegance.

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