What are PreMade Eyelash Extensions ?

What are PreMade Eyelash Extensions ?

What are PreMade Eyelash Extensions ?

What are PreMade Eyelash Extensions ? With a booming beauty industry, many women and younger girls are inspired to experiment with their looks. Therefore to order highlight their eyes in the face and more and more women are wearing eyelash extensions. With increasing craze, the lash industry offers several options to the consumers and the talk-of-the-town are the premade fan lashes. These premium quality and top rated synthetic lashes are stealing the shows by providing a perfect look to the eyes.


Premade eyelashes are the lashes built by the experts in advance and are ready-to-place on the natural lash. These lash fans are made by attaching multiple lashes to one single eyelash.

The premium quality premade fan lashes are very light in nature and don’t damage the natural eyelash which makes it to the top list of many beauty aficionados who have busy schedules and who cannot afford to lay down long hours for a full set of Russian Volume.


Using the difficult and frustrating volume technique for eyelash extensions is no more trending. Rather, connoisseurs of the beauty industry are using premade fan lashes which are easier to apply and don’t harm natural lashes.

Premade fan eyelashes are safe for the eyes because they are softer and fluffier than the other options.


High quality premade fans are very light, soft, resistant and easy to wear and they allow experts to provide their client with a fuller look. Choosing from a wide variety of premade fan eyelashes is still a customer’s choice. Depending on what look client is looking for.

There are generally two types of premade fans :


Short stem fans generally have a shorter stem or base and wider fan. With a subtle yet fluffier look, these lashes give a soft vibe to the overall appearance and have a close resemblance to a hand made fan. Short stem fans are the go-to option for a customer who is looking for a more natural and light look.


Whereas, long stem fans feature a long, thin, heat bonded base. Easy to apply and safe for the eyes and natural lashes, the long stem lashes are voluminous and give an effect of bold eyeliner. Most preferred for dramatic and dense looks, these lashes take half the time compared to the handmade lashes and hence, are the most preferred fans.

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