Eyelash Trends For 2020

Eyelash Extension Trends For 2020

Bored by the masked look?
What about giving your eyelashes a makeover?
A popular style is catching up fast with these 2020 eyelash extension trends. You can trust your eyes to do all the talking !

Textures to contour your attitude

Volume eyelash extensions is the call and you can trust your state-of-the-art eye studios to grant you that promising look. From that mixed curly look to the long or that heavy style, you can attain eyelashes of your choice anytime.

The feathery texture is in, and you can’t miss it. It doesn’t matter whether you use the made-crafted lash extensions or the pre-made ones. It’s all about making your eyes look chic with the recent eyelash trend.

Just pick one that suits your mood and flaunt it with your eye-catching expressions!

What’s hot and trending?

If you were to ask that question, well then, the answer is classic spiked sets. Yes, these have become very popular. Rendering that bold and fashionable look, spiked fans add on that wow factor.

Use the flat lashes for a bolder look. If you’re looking for some more texture and density, simply mix this with volume fans. Stack the lashes for a fuller look on the spikes without having to use volume lashes. Just attach a finer and shorter lash at an angle at the base of your lashes, and there you call rock it like a diva!
A shorter lash measuring anywhere between 0.07 or 0.10 is ideal for this look.

How to get the perfect spiked look?

You can use the short lash measuring 0.07 or 0.10 mm to start with. Just divide it into two, place one, and mirror the other side with the fan. On the longest lashes, you can stack them in a way that the lashes face each other. Next, simply work outwards from that point. You can try a slightly longer eyelash than the one you stack. Alternatively, reduce the length and weight. Just make sure to attach it further up on the lash.

Fan of the voluminous look? Flutter your lashes in joy! The premade volume eyelashes aren’t going to head out of trend anytime soon. These don’t take long to be fitted and thus are a time-saver for the stylist as well. Relatively less expensive than the handmade lash extensions, premade volume fans can be placed as fast as the classic lashes. So, if you’re in a hurry, your stylist should be able to define the look you are seeking at a reasonable price.

Some essential Eyelash tips 

Looking for different sizes? You can pick from an extensive assortment of premade volume eyelash extensions that ranges from 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, etc. Just ensure that every lash is worked upon so that you don’t land up with any sticking element left behind on your lashes.

Don’t forget to check the weight of the fan as very heavy extensions can damage your natural eyelashes. Pick the premade lashes that are designed to leave the strip smoothly. The ones made of high grade PBT fiber can hold the curls well in place, adding longevity to the lash.

Make sure that you apply appropriate pressure onto the natural lash when transferring the fan. Extensions can be applied to the top lash, lower lash, or just on the sides. You can use a tweezer smoothen out any excess glue, if any. Don’t forget to allow it the drying time.

And there, you are ready to shine like the glamorous dive you are !

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