What is a classic set of eyelash extensions?

Wish to enhance the beauty of your eyes? Well, as they say, eyes have the power to communicate more than words do. What could be better than highlighting them with the classic eyelash extensions? This can add volume to your natural lashes.

You can don that perfect eye makeup just with these eyelash extensions. We’ve covered all that you need to know before trying out that this classic look.

The Technique to Wear Eyelashes Perfectly

If done improperly, you can land up with a ruined look. So, it’s important to known what goes a little about the technique that’s applied. The typical technique used in eyelash extensions is done lash by lash.

Not just for a party, it’s possible to fit the classic lashes into your everyday look. You can always book an appointment with your eyelash expert studio to discuss the type of eyelash that would suit your preference.

You can choose from the synthetic lashes, Siberian mink fur lashes, or silk lashes 

  • The silk lashes go well with the daily look, as these are soft and crafted with a slightly glossy appearance. If you are trying an eyelash extension for the first time, the silk classic eyelash extension will good to go with.
  • The faux mink eyelashes, on the other hand, suit those scouting for a finer look and are well-fitted for that occasional wear.
  • If you want to add on a little oomph to your eyes, you can trust the flat lash to do that magic at offers that illusion of fullness.

You can make a choice depending on the thickness and length of extension that you wish to get. Just remember that the length and the thickness of the chosen classic eyelash extension would impact the weight of the extension. Top trendy studios stock classic eyelash extensions that measure anywhere between 7mm and 15mm. And these come in different weights, such as 0.015g, 0.020g, and 0.025g. Some advanced studios might be able to get you that customized length and weight of eyelash extension to meet your require.

The right length and thickness of your classic eyelash extension is significant to the healthy growth of your natural eyelashes.

Selecting the tone of your eyelashes

Whether you want a dramatic look or wish to keep the extensions natural-looking, the condition of your natural lashes will determine the eventual look. If you are scouting for options, let’s tell you that classic eyelash extension curls also come in varied styles, such as the J curl, B curl, C curl, L curl, and the D curl. You always have the choice of combining the length, thickness, and curls that you want to wear on your lashes.

For the dramatic look lovers, the classic volume eyelash extensions make a good choice. These can suit those who have fine lashes as well as they can weigh as light as 0.004g. The 0.025g classic eyelash extensions are recommended mostly for those with very strong and healthy natural eyelashes.

Whether you want a natural, medium, or voluminous look on your eyes, you can get your classic eyelash extensions from the best studios to step out with elegance.

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